I am Jo, founder of Deliciously Jo and The Modern Apothecary Ltd.

Having lived with multiple allergies and intolerances, for many years, I made it my mission to be able to create delicious recipies that could be enjoyed by all… even the wheat eaters (shock ;o) )

Food is my medicine and can make huge differences to our wellbeing and health. I am here to show you that it can still be enjoyable too!

Enjoy! Jojo xXx


Dairy Free, Gluten Free and Nut Free Battenburg!

Okay… so let confess…. I’m not sure it technically is a battenburg as it doesn’t contain nuts. But, what it is, is an equivalent bar of yumminess to tantalise all the senses. 😉 Were done! Whilst you may thank mine for the chance to make your own version of this at home, I am going… Continue reading →

Self Care – Natasha Albright Owner and Founder at Natasha Essentials Wellness

Natasha and I connected a while ago through MIB International, our love of all things natural and chemical free living. I was interested in her use of essential oils to improve wellbeing and she was interested my use of organic foods and clean living improve health and chronic illness. Immediately we connected and knew there would be a chance to collaborate at some point soon. … Continue reading →

Exercise and Weight Management – Alex Conboys Story

Alex and I met a few months ago in the Hampshire Womens Business Group immediately we connected through our love of clean living and our mutual need to help others see the health benefits from making simple life adjustments. Not only did our business values correlate but so did our personal values. As soon as… Continue reading →


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New Business Partner Announcement!!

We love great news, probably as much as you love it too! We have impatiently been waiting to tell you that we have a new business partner.

Wonderful local bee conservationists and bee farmers ‘Honey Bee Happy’!

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The Downside to Chronic and Unknown Illnesses

It’s not often you’ll see a raw photo of me looking like I have been dragged through a hedge backwards, however on this occasion this is something I wanted to share with you. You see, living with chronic illnesses isn’t always easy. For me, they haven’t quite defined what it is that is going on… Continue reading →


Hey, Thank you for looking at my blog. As you may or may not know ‘my health’ has been an huge ongoing issue for me for more than a few years now and has limited things I want to do including returning to standard employment, enjoying certain foods and living a normal life with my… Continue reading →